About Edwin

If you want photographs that you not only can see, but also want to feel the emotion from it; you found the right photographer here.
Photography is not only his passion but much more than that, it’s a purpose to create, explore and meet new people around the world. His skill’s and experience has begun decennia back with the film camera’s and develop room to make classic black and white pictures.
The images that are taken are a result of a creative process with new ideas depending on the client’s wishes. The goal is that they have soul. Whether it’s family-, business portraits, fine art, photojournalistic fashion or avant-garde. The shoot’s are mostly on location with natural light, flashlights or a combination.
With the hair fashion as a background there is a trained eye for detail and commercial looks. And if necessary the hair can also be done!
A natural look with a soft classic color or in black and white are his favorites. There will be a relaxed atmosphere when the photo’s are taken. Almost everything is possible by mutual agreement.
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